Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building with Class

At Thaba Eco Hotel, located just to the southern side of Johannesburg in the area of the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, we have dedicated personnel who specialise in assisting our client organisations in hosting their corporate team building activities, whilst additionally providing them with world-class accommodation.

Team building is an integral facet of effective modern group interaction. Today’s pace of life is hectic and there’s ever increasing pressure to perform – better, faster and more efficiently. This applies to all aspects of life and living, from home life and in sport, to social interaction and in the workplace.

In the haste to achieve personal success and accolades, one often tends to forget about or minimise the recognition and importance of teamwork. In virtually every aspect, people are social beings, and those with some type of common goal have a tendency to gather and form groups.

The family is a non-competitive team with genetic ties. Similarly, groups of friends are akin to teams, as are people who meet to play a particular sport or share a common interest. Everyone who is employed by the same organisation is a team member. Within larger corporations, groups may be sub-divided into smaller teams, each with its own function and responsibilities.

From time to time, it becomes necessary to foster or improve unity within a corporate group, a somewhat intangible, but extremely important concept. This is addressed by means of hosting corporate team building exercises.

Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities

  • Team participants learn to work together, combining their strengths in order to overcome individual weaknesses and in so doing, achieve a common goal in a stronger group context.
  • They also learn from one another, while learning to consider and evaluate the divergent opinions of others, eventually reaching unity within the group.
  • Where there is disagreement, participants teach themselves how to avoid, handle or resolve conflict in practical settings.
  • Corporate team members bond on common, neutral ground (out of the normal office environment), developing confidence in their own abilities, and the skills and strengths of others within the group. Members develop the ability to work as a unit.
  • Members of the group develop a sense of ownership of and responsibility for their own and the group’s allotted tasks or common goal.
  • Most importantly, team members learn how to accept their differences without discrimination. They learn tolerance and develop the confidence to rely on and trust teammates – essential in a competitive corporate environment.

2010’s Mexican Soccer Team at Thaba Eco Hotel

When South Africa hosted the 2010 Soccer World Cup tournament, the magnificent Mexican team stayed with us at Thaba Eco Hotel. Bring your corporate group to Thaba Eco Hotel for a most memorable team building experience, luxurious accommodation, divine dining and lots more.