Eco-Friendly Conference Venue in Johannesburg

Johannesburg’s Leading Eco-Friendly Hotel and Conference Venue

Thaba Eco Hotel is well regarded by our patrons for numerous reasons, and we are fast becoming one of Johannesburg’s most sought-after conference venues too. This is especially so amongst captains of industry, executives, managers and their teams, who value and expect to receive the best, most up-to-date conference facilities, and our efforts to help halt environmental damage to the planet we call home.

Johannesburg’s Eco-Friendly Fraternity

The fact that we operate on strict eco-friendly principles only serves to add to our fine establishment’s appeal amongst discerning conference delegates, diners and hotel guests in Johannesburg. We’re demonstrating just how much can be done in our quest to help alleviate a scary situation.

Green Initiatives

Prior to the turning of the first sod of soil in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, south of Johannesburg, thorough and comprehensive environmental studies and assessments were conducted by experts in this field, in the section where it was envisaged that Thaba Eco Hotel would be (and subsequently was) built. A negative impact on the environment had to be avoided at all costs. We have achieved this by ensuring that:

  • All buildings, hotel rooms and conference venues included, were designed to have minimal effect on the environment. In rooms, a card inserted into a slot allows lights and air conditioning to operate; when removed, these systems cease to operate. Thus, no energy is wasted accidentally when rooms are unoccupied. Buildings receive less summer sun, more in winter, while a permaculture technique provides eco-friendly self-regulation of temperature.
  • Rain water is harvested and geysers are solar powered. Everything possible is recycled. We employ a dedicated environmental manager, who ensures that preventative maintenance is conducted on all eco-friendly systems on a regular basis.
  • Our landscaped gardens contain water-wise, indigenous plants, while our organic veggie garden that supplies the hotel with fresh produce, is irrigated with harvested rain water. We have reintroduced small game species that were/are traditionally indigenous to our region of the Highveld; alien vegetation is removed.


Conference Venues

At Thaba, you have a choice of 9 different conference venues, which can accommodate between 10 and 500 delegates, depending on seating arrangements. The cinema seating arrangement allows for the maximum number, as indicated below, unless otherwise stated.

  • Lobola Kraal – up to 500 delegates
  • Lobola Deck – up to 150 delegates
  • Tswana Kraal – up to 150 delegates
  • Conference Kraal #1 – up to 60 delegates
  • Conference Kraal #2 – up to 50 delegates
  • Conference Kraal #3 – up to 50 delegates
  • Executive Boardroom – up to 18 delegates (U-shape seating arrangement)
  • Conference Boardroom – 24 delegates
  • Wi-Fi Boma – 10 delegates (U-shape seating arrangement)


Friendly Venue and Eco-Friendly Conferences

Bring your next Johannesburg conference to Thaba, where our personnel is friendly and efficient, our service and amenities are outstanding, and our eco-friendly practices help make the world a better place.