Eco Policy

Eco practices

To manage our environmental impact in a sustainable, responsible way, we’ve incorporated Green business thinking into our operations, philosophy and ethos. Every day, we work to minimise our environmental impact, by means of:

  • environmental planning

Prior to our hotel’s construction, heritage and environmental consultants assessed the land, enabling us to plan in such a way that we could have the lowest impact on the ecological and archaeological elements throughout the Thaba property.

  • building design

Thaba’s hotel rooms were developed and designed with the environment in mind by:

  1. ensuring that the exterior colours of our buildings reduce visual impact and regulate temperatures,
  2. covering only 50% of surface area beneath each building, to ensure the protection of fauna and flora,
  3. incorporating sustainable local materials into our interior design, and
  4. using permaculture principles to improve the aesthetic impact of the development, minimise lighting, and promote water and energy savings.
  • water usage and anti-pollution

Rainwater harvesting is an alternative approach to water supply, and the hotel has several systems in place to increase water efficiency and minimise pollution. Our water-wise landscaping extends to indigenous plants, alien vegetation eradication and water-wise gardens. We also use permaculture principles to reduce the use of water in our gardens, including our organic vegetable garden.

  • recycling

The hotel recycles 97% of all paper, cans, glass, oil and plastic, while composting has allowed us to recycle 95% of our wet waste. The Thaba recycling initiative has also created job opportunities for the local communities.

  • energy saving

Various measures are in place to help us reduce the amount of electricity we use, track our water consumption and reduce our overall carbon emissions. These include new-generation LED globes, CFC-free air-conditioning units, water misters in our restaurant, gas used for most cooking and heating, double-combustion fireplaces (a permaculture technique for temperature self-regulation) and solar-powered geysers.

  • environmental management

Thaba Eco Hotel employs a full-time environmental manager who is responsible for the organisation-wide implementation of our environmental management programme, which includes environmentally responsible pest prevention.

  • green procurement

Our established Green Policy is used as a yardstick to measure all of our procurement, policies and procedures.

  • training

Thaba promotes environmental education and awareness by means of:

  1. our Eco Kids’ Club, which offers school holiday workshops and nature walks,
  2. fascinating guided medicinal plant tours, nature walks and hikes,
  3. our on-site Environmental Centre, run by our Environmental Manager,
  4. ongoing staff training on the importance of conserving biodiversity, and
  5. diverse interpretation material displayed for guests and staff.
  • association

Thaba is proudly affiliated and associated with (and is many cases, a founding member of) a wide range of non-profit organisations including:

  1. The Policing Forum,
  2. KlipSA (the Klipriviersberg Sustainability Association),
  3. SOJO (the South of Joburg Business & Tourism Forum),
  4. KUBiC (the Kliprivier Urban Biodiversity Corridor),
  5. The Kubic Green Business Platform, and
  6. The Klipriviersberg Conservancy.