Modern Conference Venues in Johannesburg

Modern Conference Venues that are Mindful of Environmental Issues

Although earliest human beings must have gathered in groups to discuss and make group decisions, there’s no proof of this. For documented and archaeological proof of business-related or decision-making group gatherings or conferences, one must again turn to the ancient Romans. The Roman Forum was their principle conference venue, also the seat of government and empire. Roman senators were frequent forum-attending conference delegates.

Nowadays, most business-minded organisations hold conferences periodically – usually at a bespoke conference venue that’s away from the office and routine workplace responsibilities and interruptions, especially in or near a busy business centre like Johannesburg.

The Cities’ Obsession with Synthetic Materials

People have become more and more reliant on cheap disposable synthetic substances, with little regard for the resulting adverse effects on the environment. It used to be that property owners could do as they pleased at their premises, providing that they adhered to building codes, written by persons that were unaware of the impact on the environment. Words and concepts like “green”, “eco-friendly” and “environmentally friendly” simply didn’t exist.

Preservation with a Purpose

Today, in the 21st century, modern trends favour preservation, restoration and conservation with a modern spin – a spin that has evolved to include eco-friendly creature comforts and convenience. Guests and delegates at Johannesburg’s Thaba Eco Hotel and our modern conference and event venues, love to come here.

We provide state-of-the-art conference equipment and aids in a variety of conference venues, as well as world-class, ample premium 5-star accommodation and facilities, plus a gourmet, fine-dining menu, with not a hint of compromise on indulgent, luxurious, modern creature comforts.

Eco-friendly, green practices are integral to our operation throughout our modern conference and event venues in Johannesburg. We provide eight modern conference venues, accommodating groups of all sizes, plus various conference packages. Our hotel is located in Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, secluded amongst the scenic indigenous landscapes and vistas of the Highveld – only about 20 minutes from Johannesburg central. No building’s floor occupies more than 50% of its ground area, thereby minimising our structural/environmental impact.

We also support various initiatives, such as recycling, fresh water conservation/rain water harvesting/grey water usage, and energy saving (electricity, fuel, light, heat, cooling and ventilation), permaculture, and reduction of carbon emissions. We principally operate off the grid, under the close supervision of a full time environmental manager and our restaurant uses seasonal produce from our organic garden.

We have some of the best, modern conference venues available in and near Johannesburg. If you subscribe to eco-friendly values, Thaba is the very best choice for you.