Private Function Venues Johannesburg

Your Pick of Private Function Venues in Johannesburg

What is the best way to host a private function in busy, bustling Johannesburg, and where might or should you go to host your event successfully? Keep in mind that the chosen venue plays a vital part in determining whether a special occasion will be a success or a flop.

Most restaurants will be prepared to let you make use of their premises and facilities for an extended lunch or an evening function, providing that you reserve the venue in its entirety, or it offers separate private dining rooms, of sufficient size to accommodate all your guests in comfort.

Public Versus Private Parking

If this is possible, such an option shouldn’t present any problems for you or your guests, but may yet become a nightmare, should everyone attending be expected to park their vehicles in the typical public parking area adjacent to many suburban eateries.

Patrons of other businesses are entitled to park in these spaces too, so your guest parking may become a frustrating hit-and-miss affair due to a lack of private parking facilities. This serves to add to the list of must-haves – adequate and secure private parking – when selecting a private function venue in Johannesburg.

Love the Location

It follows almost without saying that the location of the ideal private function venue is important too. Aspects such as accessibility, the proximity to Johannesburg, the scenery and its unique features are also instrumental in adding to the charm and appeal of your event’s venue, especially if some guests are unfamiliar with the sprawling city of Johannesburg and are travelling from elsewhere.

You definitely want a location that’s easy to access, without anyone getting lost or being stressed out, frustrated and exhausted by travelling for ages before arriving at the location of the big do.

Lovely and unusual surroundings are guaranteed to delight guests from the moment they arrive and throughout the event, leaving them loathe to bid you farewell when they leave, simply because they loved every moment of their experience at your venue.

Try Thaba Eco Hotel

You’d be hard pressed to find a more ideal location and venue for a premier private function in Johannesburg than Thaba Eco Hotel, just about 20 minutes south of the city, nestled in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve’s amazing iconic Highveld landscape. The setting and scenery are breathtaking.

At Thaba Eco Hotel, we have a number of private function venues, each with its own unique character and ambience, suitable for varying numbers of visitors. We offer ample, secure guest parking, superb catering, luxurious accommodation, outstanding service, and an unmatched atmosphere. Friendly, professional staff members are trained and experienced in the requirements that make a special occasion of every private function we (and you) host in Johannesburg.