Strategic Planning Meeting

Luxurious Executive Strategic Planning Venues

In every successful organisation, there are several key roles which must be fulfilled effectively. In large companies, a specially designated person occupies each essential position, while in small concerns, a single person may fulfil several of these roles simultaneously.

Key functions or positions typically include those of the chief executive officer or managing director, complemented by persons who head up departments or divisions – finance, human resources, production, administration, maintenance, marketing, sales and quality control, and probably others of strategic importance to the company.

These people would be present at and actively involved in the concern’s strategic planning meetings. Periodic strategic planning sessions are essential in order to anticipate and meet changes which are likely to occur in years to come, lest the organisation, its products, activities or services become stagnant or obsolete.

At strategic planning meetings, the typical order of business involves the management team and other key personnel, who must continuously keep an eye on the future and plan for it accordingly. Without effective planning, any future prosperity would be accidental and unlikely.

Matters on the agenda generally include the expected upcoming requirements of the concern’s marketplace, its customers’ requirements, products or services, and the activities of its competitors, according to which new goals are identified, as well as the steps, resources, means and length of time required to achieve them.

Johannesburg’s Premier Business Meeting Venue

Because the strategic meeting participants occupy important executive positions and the implications of their in-depth discussions are significant and confidential in nature, strategic planning sessions are usually held away from the company’s premises at a suitably upscale conference venue, such as Thaba Eco Hotel in Johannesburg.

In addition to being a hotel, we are also specially geared to host numerous types of functions and events, including upmarket conferences, strategic planning meetings, seminars, special occasion celebrations, weddings and team building exercises.

We also have the perfect venue offering ample and exceptional accommodation for discerning business executives. Accommodation at Thaba Eco Hotel is unapologetically luxurious, very tasteful and yet exceptionally mindful of the environment and its preservation.

We’re determined to be as “green” as possible, with an important distinction – there’s absolutely no compromise on the comfort of guests, or the opulent standards of what we offer, from lighting, air conditioning, a reliable eco-friendly electricity supply and fine dining, to our Sinzinani Spa and the enjoyable eco-activities provided by our natural, nature reserve surroundings.

With a variety of well-appointed strategic planning meeting rooms on site, Thaba Eco Hotel is an excellent choice for your organisation’s vital strategic sessions and other corporate requirements.