Team Building Johannesburg

Team Building at Thaba Eco Hotel

At Thaba Eco Hotel, we’re able to assure you of numerous advantageous attributes ascribed to our Johannesburg-based establishment. Amongst these reassuring attributes, you’ll find that we have accumulated excellent experience in hosting local and international team building proceedings. As well as the actual relevant teams.

One such, now historical, event that deserves mention is that Thaba Eco Hotel was honoured to have been chosen to accommodate the 2010 Mexican FIFA World Cup soccer team in Johannesburg during that same year, when South Africa had the privilege of hosting the soccer-playing world’s top teams in their premier sporting competition.

An Effective, Winning Team

How would you describe an effective team, particularly if you seek to make them competitive, ideally winners, rather than a mere collection of also-rans, keeping in mind that the nature of the team’s activities or its purpose is somewhat secondary at this stage?

Your team may play amateur or professional sports, consist of volunteers who perform unpaid charity work, or they may be involved in anything from sales to wine making, or quality control to providing emergency services.

Whatever they’re engaged in, your immediate goal is building, training, guiding and mentoring your group of diverse people into a well-oiled, optimally functioning assembly that wants to succeed and believes in their ability to do so – as a unit, an effective, winning team.

Consisting of diverse people with distinctive likes, dislikes, personalities, insecurities, strengths and weaknesses, team members must learn to understand and accept the characteristics of others, without judgement.

As a unit, committed to a common goal, group members support, complement and rely on one another. Building the team into an efficient, dedicated entity is the primary purpose of team building activities. This is best achieved at a suitable location that is away from their normal environment, where they are all on equal footing, irrespective of rank, age, background or culture, and this is where Thaba Eco Hotel enters the picture.

  • We have more than 50 rooms of various types – just like your team members. Accommodation is luxurious, designed to meet the approval of all our guests.
  • Because Thaba is situated in a nature reserve, we offer various outdoor activities, as well as the time and place to relax and rewind.
  • Thaba is in close proximity to Johannesburg’s myriad of attractions, most of which are eminently suitable for group activities.


Taking your Team to Thaba

If you want and expect the best possible performance from your team – being competitive and winning – it’s only fitting that you provide them with the best possible accommodation and team building opportunities. As a select venue that accommodated one of the FIFA World Cup’s prestigious international teams, we’re perfectly placed near Johannesburg to host your group during team building exercises.