Team Building Venues in Johannesburg

Team Building Venues at Thaba Eco Hotel

Humans are social, societal beings, who realised very long ago that there is a measure of safety, security and strength in numbers (in groups or teams), particularly those who have a common goal or aim that they wish to achieve.

Today, teams exist in all shapes, sizes and guises. Team disciplines and primary functions include sales, sports, coaching, training, safety and security, rescue, medical, maintenance, management, design, development, customer service, emergency, production, planning, and umpteen more.

You name it and there’ll be a team to attend to it, whatever “it” represents and wherever the team is based, in Johannesburg or in any other populated place. Regardless of how good, astute, committed and productive your team may be, it is necessary or essential to build, encourage, mentor, guide and motivate the group periodically.

Universal Aspects of Team Building

Team building exercises may be as diverse as the nature or function of each team. However, vitally essential aspects of group motivation and team building are mental or intellectual in nature.

These factors are applicable to all groups with a common purpose – improving their performance, becoming better than competitors, being more productive and efficient, being better prepared, winning, and individually committing to and taking ownership of their goal that is common to all members of the defined team.

Team Building Venues in Johannesburg

What do most team leaders and organisations want and expect from a team building venue, especially in a major centre such as Johannesburg, where there are many establishments that advertise their premises as being eminently suitable for team building? Here’s what most expect:

  • A sincere, warm welcome for all attending team members.
  • A venue that’s away from the office, enabling the team to focus on the purpose and content of the team building exercises, without distraction or interruption.
  • A choice of venues/meeting rooms and seating plan options to suit the size of the team and its requirements.
  • A peaceful, tranquil environment, away from Johannesburg’s hectic traffic, and hustle and bustle.
  • Proximity to Johannesburg, despite the need for peace and quiet.
  • Easy accessibility, especially for out-of-town group members.
  • Ample safe, secure parking for team members’ vehicles.
  • Excellent accommodation for an overnight stay, should the team building programme require an extended period of time.
  • Great food, nutritious and freshly prepared, with a choice of menu options that also cater for special dietary requirements.
  • Refreshments, as and when required.
  • Helpful, professional and competent guest services.


Our Teams Tick the Boxes

Thaba Eco Hotel (close to Johannesburg and situated in the quiet peace of the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve) and our own professionally trained service teams, tick all the items on the checklist, and more.

We’re celebrated for our eco-friendly establishment and practices, features that are highly respected by our visitors. Our selection of team building venues is geared to accommodate groups of various sizes, from small to very large.

Johannesburg itself and the surrounding area is home to a host of attractions and adventure activities for team participation. Our accommodation is outstanding, a fact attested to by our selection as the accommodating establishment for the competing Mexican World Cup Soccer Team in 2010 – good enough for the Mexican team and great for your own team building.