Wedding Packages Gauteng

Premium Gauteng Wedding Packages

Have you ever wondered why hotels and other wedding venues offer wedding packages? Are you under the impression that making use of a wedding package means that you may expect to be offered various package components that may be of a somewhat lesser standard, in order to keep the price of the specific package as low as possible?

This may well be the case, but it depends very much on the venue that is offering the wedding packages. At Thaba Eco Hotel, on the southern outskirts of Johannesburg in Gauteng, we offer bridal couples three different wedding packages. All are excellent, and none cut corners in favour of keeping costs to a minimum.

Why Thaba Eco Hotel Offers Wedding Packages

Because we are highly experienced in hosting Gauteng weddings (and numerous other events), we’ve designed our wedding packages to include the fundamental elements that couples usually require, categorising them for ease of purpose and couples’ convenience when making their selection.

Furthermore, our inclusive and extensive package designs ensure that no essential elements are forgotten or accidentally omitted. We attempt to leave less for the bride and her groom to remember during the very busy period when they’ve more than enough to do, while they’re making a myriad of arrangements for their upcoming marriage and wedding reception.

Typical Priorities

A few aspects of the wedding are regarded as priorities – a gorgeous wedding gown, a church or chapel, a beautiful venue for the reception, the wedding cake, guest list and numbers of invited guests, seating plan and décor, picturesque areas for wedding photographs, a suite in which the bride can dress and get ready, catering and bar service, and optionally, a breathtaking honeymoon suite.

Thaba Eco Hotel is surrounded by the lovely Gauteng Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. Our landscaped indigenous gardens offer outstanding locations that serve as memorable backdrops for wonderful wedding photographs. Our charming on-site church is ideally placed for conducting marriage ceremonies. A selection of distinctive venues for the wedding reception offers a variety of seating configurations. There are more than 50 guest accommodation suites, including our four ultra-luxurious executive/honeymoon suites.

On-site gourmet catering services provide a variety of catering and menu options, including those for special dietary needs. Our bar and table service operates likewise. In addition to our three wedding packages, we’ll gladly alter these or customise an individual package for you.

Thaba Eco Hotel looks forward to discussing and arranging the perfect wedding package and most special day for you, your groom, loved ones and invited guests.