4-Star Accommodation in Johannesburg

4-Stars and More in Johannesburg

Stars, in a variety of guises, are ever present in the lives of modern human beings, and they – the stars – are all meaningful and significant, each in its own way, for its own reason/s and a variety of purposes. The twinkling stars in the dark African night sky are breathtaking and have fascinated mankind for aeons with their mysterious beauty.


Bright Stars in the Sky

The further one moves away from the trappings of civilisation – artificial light and pollution, the brighter and closer the stars appear to be to Earth. This phenomenon is important to us at Thaba Eco Hotel in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, since we practice stringent environmentally green policies.

The clarity of the sky, especially discernible at night, indicates how healthy and pure or polluted the atmosphere may be. At Thaba, although not far from Johannesburg, the skies are remarkably clear and the air is fresh and clean.


Romantic Ambience

When at one of Johannesburg’s most romantic hotels, guests who make reservations at Thaba for a romantic dinner or getaway accommodation are enchanted by our establishment’s romantic ambience, enhanced by the starlit canopy of the sky over the hotel and reserve.


Star Rating System

Sophisticated people are well accustomed to the star rating of hotels, restaurants, films, theatres, services, motor vehicles, and numerous other applications. The higher the number of stars awarded, from 1-5, the more opulent and luxurious the item or service will be. Thaba Eco Hotel is proud to have been awarded four stars by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, the official body responsible for assessing various types of lodgings and grading them/awarding stars accordingly.

Despite the wide understanding and acceptance of the star rating system, many people are unaware of how this system came to be. In 1982, a British pop singer and entertainer, coincidentally named Freddie Starr, is said to have created this rating system.

At the time that he introduced his novel system to the music industry, Freddie was associated with Apple Records. In conjunction with their management, it was mutually decided that five stars would represent the top end of the rating system known so well and widely. Today, the number of stars awarded to graded establishments, accommodations, products, goods, and services, serves as an accurate guideline of what clients and customers may expect.


Four Stars Throughout

Every possible feature of our 4-star Thaba Eco Hotel adheres to our innovative green, environmentally responsible initiatives, ethos, and beliefs, whilst maintaining 4-star luxury throughout, without compromising on luxurious standards. This applies to our 52 grand guest accommodation suites, conference, event, wedding, and special occasion venues, our romantic restaurant and its fare, organic vegetable and indigenous Johannesburg hotel gardens, and the entire 4-star Thaba accommodation complex.