Event Venues & Meeting Spaces in Johannesburg

Exactly the Right Spaces and Event Venues near Johannesburg

Towards the end of each year, the availability of event and function venues are typically in short supply, as Johannesburg companies utilise these facilities for awards evenings, corporate and staff Christmas and office parties, and similar functions of a festive nature. At the same time, there’s less need for formal meeting spaces, such as those which are used for conferences, workshops, team building, and product launches.

Nonetheless, you may still require meeting spaces away from the office or normal workplace for last-minute or incidental business gatherings to discuss and debate urgent matters. Fortunately, for those in search of last-minute event venues and smaller meeting spaces near Johannesburg for hire before the old year runs out, Thaba Eco Hotel has numerous spaces and venues that are multifunctional and capable of accommodating delegate or guest numbers from 4 to 450 people in 4-star, world-class comfort.


Personal Space and Other Boundaries

A venue or meeting space that is too small to house invited guests feels claustrophobic and cramped. Individual members of gathered groups still prefer to retain their personal space – a distance of approximately 60 cm on average from others with whom they’re not involved personally, have familial ties, or have not subtly invited into their personal, unseen domain.

Researchers have identified four spaces and their approximate boundaries –

  • Intimate space – within 46 cm – loved ones, children and pets.
  • Personal space – 46 cm to 122 cm – conversational space for friends and group members.
  • Social space – 1,2 m to 2,4 m – strangers, recent acquaintances, and new groups.
  • Public space – more than 2,4 m – a speaker, lecturer, or performer who addresses a group or audience should maintain this distance.


Larger Venues

Larger venues should be big enough to allow everyone within sufficient personal space, public space, and ideally, social space too, although the latter may be accommodated during an interval, tea/coffee breaks, a communal meal, or over drinks after the meetings or as part of the event.


Deserving a Superb Space

However, interesting as human beings’ space preferences may be, after a consultation with you, our experienced event and meeting coordinators near Johannesburg at Thaba Eco Hotel will ensure that you have the perfect 4-star venue and ideal meeting space to suit your requirements and those of your distinguished guests or delegates, who undoubtedly deserve a superb space.