Function Venues in Johannesburg

Found in Johannesburg – Our First-Class Function Venue

If you live in a large, expansive Johannesburg home that features beautifully manicured, sprawling gardens with plenty of space inside and out, or your upcoming function is to be particularly small and intimate, intended for only a few select guests, you might decide to hold your event at home or your business premises. Chances are that you’ll decide (wisely) to hire the services of a competent, reputable caterer.



Deciding to do your own catering, with help from family and a few friends, is another option, albeit time-consuming, exhausting, and possibly frustrating. You must plan everything in the finest detail, from the décor and decorating, menu and drinks, to the ingredients, shopping for everything, seating plans, table setting, food preparation, and the order in which this should be done. Time must be managed, and duties allocated and coordinated (if you have help). Don’t be surprised if a host of unforeseen issues crop up.


Mammoth Task

Next, you need to get ready and make yourself presentable to greet and host the guests attending your function, looking fresh as a daisy and delighted to welcome them to your home/office. As the function’s host, you smile, welcome, mingle, and circulate.

Refreshments and food must be served. The hot food should be at the right temperature and that which should be cold, must be exactly so. At the end of all this, someone must clear away and clean up – a mammoth task. That someone is you, poor you.


A Smart, Successful Function Option

 Whether your function is corporate- or business-related in nature, or it’s a private function to celebrate or commemorate a special occasion, this is the time to think and work smarter, not harder. Book an outside, specialised function venue in Johannesburg, or rather just on the city’s outskirts – like Thaba Eco Hotel. Invite your guests, discuss your menu and other prerequisites with the venue’s function coordinator, and Bob’s your uncle.

You’re ready to host a super, successful function that you’re also able to enjoy, along with your guests. Cleaning up afterwards is no longer your baby. Why on earth even think of torturing yourself with a complicated DIY setup?


Entertaining at Thaba

Irrespective of the type and size of function you’re planning, Thaba Eco Hotel, just south of Johannesburg, is your go-to function venue for corporate functions, events, product launches, team building, year-end parties, birthdays, and other special celebrations – any function you care to mention.

Our function coordinators and staff are trained and experienced, and our location – Johannesburg’s Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – is itself worthy of being celebrated.  So, when may we expect you and your function guests?