Johannesburg Conference Venue Packages

Our Conference Venue Packages in Johannesburg at a Glance

As a conference organiser or host, have you ever wondered why conference venues in Johannesburg and elsewhere offer conference and venue hire packages? Were you under the impression that such venues made package deals available to clients because doing so is easier for the establishment which houses and manages the venue?

Or, are you of the opinion that conference venue packages are on offer purely because a package deal is typically perceived as being a cost-saving measure and method for the buyer or client, a person or organisation that is bargain or discount hunting, rather than evaluating value, image, and company culture versus price, in the wider, full sense?


Comprehensive, Convenient, and Informative Guidelines

At Johannesburg’s Thaba Eco Hotel, we feature nine outstanding conference venues and three conference packages (plus the option to customise a package as per your requirements). The information on our conference venues and conference packages which we’ve posted elsewhere on our website is detailed and comprehensive.

This, in addition to our quick, easy, and convenient online conference venue and package enquiry and quote request serve another important purpose – a guideline to ensure that the organiser and/or conference host doesn’t forget anything, but includes all desired aspects and amenities required in their selected or customised conference package.



Thaba Eco Hotel occupies an expansive area in Johannesburg’s Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. Consequently, there was ample space to construct the hotel, spa, church, and function and conference venues once all the environmental assessments and ecologically sound designs had been completed in line with our eco ethos.

As a result, we’re able to offer a total of nine cutting-edge conference venues with seating capacities that vary between 4 and 450 delegates. The venue selection is typically done in accordance with the number of expected attendees. After the venue selection, our clients choose a conference package. The venues to choose from include:

  • Lobola Hall
  • Lobola Deck
  • Tswana Hall
  • Conference Kraals #1, #2, and #3
  • Executive Boardroom
  • Sunset Boardroom
  • Wi-Fi Boma



At Thaba Eco Hotel, we place our guests’ wishes and satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities, alongside our eco initiatives. If our conference packages need to be adapted and customised to meet your needs, we’ll happily do so, upon request. Our packages include:

  • 24-hour stay-over package inclusive of dinner, and bed and breakfast
  • Full-day conference with lunch
  • Half-day conference with breakfast or lunch
  • Half-day conference without lunch

To summarise – our Johannesburg conference venue offering consist of the venue hire and the package which the conference host selects, plus any extras and/or customised elements.