Picturesque Wedding Venue in Johannesburg

A Romantic, Picturesque Wedding Venue near Johannesburg

One’s Big Day, the day of your wedding, is meant to hold fond memories and recollections for you and your bride/groom, your families and loved ones, friends and those who are dear to you, and the guests whom you invited because their presence at your wedding mattered to you.


Precious Memories in Pictures

These precious memories will live forever in the mind and imagination, but it’s difficult to share memories with someone who wasn’t actually there, without photographs. The roles of taking pictures, photographs, and video recordings of your wedding, its venue, and the surroundings belong to your wedding photographer and videographer.

Their work will serve to remind you and others of your wondrous wedding day. During your wedding and reception, their primary focus remains on the bride and groom in various picturesque settings, followed by pictures of the guests and the venue.


Picturesque Photographic Spots and Surroundings

Guests typically enjoy a cocktail on arrival at the beautifully decorated reception venue, while the couple is taken to picturesque spots in the surrounding gardens and/or picturesque features within the gardens, which present perfect backdrops for stunning wedding pictures.


Our Perfectly Picturesque Terrain

Thaba Eco Hotel is a hotel and wedding venue on the southern outskirts of Johannesburg, within the perfectly picturesque Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. Both our hotel and the reserve are run according to the latest, most effective eco principles currently known, ensuring that our part of Johannesburg’s Klipriviersberg Reserve remains as naturally healthy, unspoiled, and picturesque as possible – just as nature originally intended. Perfect photographic opportunities abound here.


Wedding Venues

Today, we’ll focus on our church at Thaba Eco Hotel. While the church is truly charming from all angles, its true splendour really becomes apparent once you enter – a picturesque, dreamy picture if ever there was one. Series of double glass doors run along both sides of the church, letting in natural light and allowing lovely views of the indigenous surroundings.

Inside, the vaulted ceiling is supported by criss-crossing wooden beams, beneath which the red-carpeted aisle leads to the pulpit. Although a cross is wall-mounted behind the pulpit, we host weddings for all faiths here. Our church seats 180 people.



Lobola Hall is the larger of our two wedding reception venues – accommodating up to 450 guests. Tswana Hall is more intimate with a maximum capacity of 100. We offer four fabulous wedding packages, world-class accommodation, divine dining, and a great deal more. There are many reasons why we are known as one of Johannesburg’s most romantic venues, and they include our picturesque location, excellent service, and 4-star options to suit every aspect of your wonderful wedding.