A la Carte Breakfast Menu

A la Carte Breakfast Menu

English Breakfast     
Two eggs, grilled tomato, grilled bacon, sautéed mushrooms, beef sausage, toast | R90
Kraal Breakfast
Two eggs, grilled tomato, grilled bacon, boerewors, mince, baked beans, sweetcorn fritters, toast | R95
Café Breakfast
Two poached eggs, freshly sliced tomato, avocado, basil cream cheese, toast | R65


Chicken mayonnaise, bacon bits, spring onion | R70
Mushroom, broccoli, spring onion, tomato, basil pesto, mozzarella | R75
Pepperoni, peppadew, onions, basil and ricotta cheese | R75
Spinach, asparagus, tomato, avocado, feta cheese, rocket | R80

Healthy Breakfast

Smoked salmon bagel with herbed scrambled eggs | R115
Sliced paw paw drizzled with honey, double thick greek yoghurt, toasted almond flakes  and granadilla coulis | R55
Chai tea cooked quinoa, apple, with double thick greek yoghurt, honey, berry compote, peanut butter and pecan nuts | R90
Carrot cake oatmeal, topped with banana and peanut butter | R45

French Toast

French toast filled with peppered ham, brie and onion marmalade | R75
French toast filled with Nutella, strawberries and flaked almonds | R75

Breakfast Specials

Sour dough bread, ricotta cheese, bacon, brown mushrooms, spinach, scrambled eggs topped with roasted cocktail tomatoes | R85
English muffins, smoked chicken breast, asparagus, poached egg with café de paris sauce (curried hollandaise) | R75
Quinoa cakes, smoked salmon, caramelised onions, poached eggs, sauce maltaise (orange flavoured hollandaise) topped with wild rocket | R120
Protein breakfast consisting of scrambled egg white, bacon, chicken skewer, beef medallion, beef sausage, grilled tomato and mushroom | R120
Savoury flapjack, hummus, watercress, grilled steak, fried eggs, tangy tomato chutney, crispy onions | R115

Filled Croissant

Scrambled eggs, bacon, fried green tomatoes, red onion relish | R65
Mozzarella, smoked provolone, marinated sundried tomatoes, fresh avocado | R65
Cajun chicken, fresh coriander, pineapple, mozzarella cheese | R80

Baked Goods

Please enquire with your waiter about our selection of freshly baked goods.