Unique Wedding Venues Johannesburg South

A Wonderfully Unique Upmarket Wedding Venue in Johannesburg South

There’s absolutely no doubt that your wedding will be unique, first and foremost because you, the bride, are unique and so is your intended, your groom and partner, with whom you’ll make a commitment of love that joins you together forever as a married couple.


Personal Choice and Control

Of course, you’ll want a unique wedding dress and veil, flower arrangements, décor and colour accents, wedding cake, favours for guests, and such, but these are very personal choices over which you, and only you, have direct control.


Venue, Location, and Setting

Without a wedding venue, everything would fall flat. You want a unique venue that is warm and welcoming, picturesque, and has lovely photo opportunities in natural settings that enhance your special beauty in-pictures and/or video on this joyous, unique occasion. The venue, its location, and its setting are therefore vitally important.


Venues Aplenty

It’s not difficult to find a wedding venue in and around Johannesburg. There are many. The city is enormous, especially if you include its suburbs, of which there are seemingly untold numbers. Perhaps this is because so many new suburbs are constantly being developed, so it’s almost impossible for researchers and statisticians to keep up and current.

You want that one, really unique and special venue, away from all that is mundane and similar to so many others. That’s all well and good, but you don’t wish to travel very far from your Johannesburg home. You’d prefer a venue that easily accessible to your guests too, wherever they live.


Johannesburg South

We’ve not yet mentioned Johannesburg South, and therein lies the clue – Thaba Eco Hotel’s unique location in the equally unique Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, the biggest officially proclaimed nature reserve in the entire, extensive Johannesburg Metropolitan region.

Does getting married in a nature reserve appeal to you? The Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, some 11 km to the south of Johannesburg, is home to freely roaming zebras, red hartebeest, black wildebeest, springboks, blesboks, duikers, and if you’re really lucky to spot them, black eagles. Small and generally shy predators, black-backed jackals and caracals tend to avoid human presence, but they are also found in the reserve.


Thaba’s Venues and Packages

At Thaba, the use of our outdoor lawn area or church is included in all of our four wedding packages. Although the pretty church features a wall-mounted cross, we do also host Muslim, Jewish, and other religious weddings, whilst catering is outsourced to halaal or kosher caterers, when necessary.

Our wedding venues include:

  • Lobola Hall, which is aptly named for unique, elegant wedding receptions in Africa and accommodates up to 450 guests.
  • Tswana Hall is slightly smaller and seats up to 100.


All four of our wedding packages feature and include too many amazing elements to mention here, so we suggest that you browse through and compare them by selecting our Weddings link, elsewhere on this website. You’ll find detailed information on each unique package – Classic, Deluxe, Premium, and Diamond.

Luxurious honeymoon suite accommodation is included, as well as additional rooms for the bridal party/select guests, depending on the package. If you want a unique wedding venue, you should consider Thaba Eco Hotel, a southerly stone’s throw away from Johannesburg.