Wedding Venues Johannesburg South with Accommodation Options

A 4-Star Wedding Venue with Ample Accommodation Options in Johannesburg South

A long time ago, long before the advent of hotels and wedding venues away from the couple’s respective homes, it was commonplace for the entire wedding to take place in and at the church or the home of one set of parents – usually the home or church of the bride.

The hosting set of parents would also be expected to provide overnight accommodation and meals for the invited family and friends who lived in a different town or area from which they had to journey to get to the wedding venue.


Changing Hospitality Customs

Later on, the widely expected and accepted customs of hospitality were to change. This extended to wedding venues and the provision of accommodation for wedding guests from afar. Although there are exceptions, people no longer have the time and the facilities to play host to wedding guests, especially in a busy city like Johannesburg. By and large, guests must make their own arrangements if they require overnight accommodation after a wedding.

The focus remains on the bridal couple before, during, and after the wedding ceremony and celebrations. After the marriage ceremony and the conclusion of the reception’s festivities, it was and still is customary for the newly-wed couple, the bride and groom, to book into a hotel for their wedding night.


The Solution to Wedding Venue Accommodation

No one is inclined to want to travel after a good party, such as a wedding reception, which is a very festive, celebratory occasion. There is a solution to everyone’s wedding venue and accommodation conundrum, however, and it is available at Thaba Eco Hotel, a short distance to the south of central Johannesburg.

Not only are our wedding venues (Tswana Hall and Lobola Hall) preferred wedding venues in Johannesburg South, but we also feature preferred accommodation options. In fact, we successfully hosted and accommodated the Mexican National Soccer Team during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


Accommodation Options

As part of all our four wonderful wedding packages – Classic, Deluxe, Premium, and Diamond, use of our lovely on-site church and honeymoon suite accommodation for the bridal couple is included. The bride may check in early to get ready. Moving ahead, the couple also receives a one-year anniversary stay-over at Thaba, which is a great way to commemorate the day they said, “I do”.

Certain wedding packages include extra accommodation, respectively consisting of 2, 4, 6, or 8 additional rooms – ideal for family members or close friends of the bridal parties. However, our accommodation options at Thaba Eco Hotel don’t end here.

We feature three types of rooms:

  • 12 Deluxe suites
  • 36 Luxury Bushveld suites
  • 4 VIP suites

When booked separate from wedding packages, our rooms may be reserved on a bed and breakfast or dinner, bed, and breakfast basis, while other additional accommodation packages are also available.

What’s left to say? Our hotel, its wedding venues, and our accommodation options, situated in the sensationally scenic Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in Johannesburg South, are ideal for you. We consider ourselves as one of the best – north, south, east, and west.